Pictures & Woodwork.

By PeterB

Back in the W/shop!!

     Now that the weather has finally broken, I am back in the w/shop continuing with the jewellry box. 
I have been able to get it sanded down to a nice smooth surface and what this shot shows is that I have applied a White wood dye. This actually when dry becomes invisible but shows up the grain of the wood more. 
     I will then very lightly sand it and then apply three coats of clear varnish, leaving a day between each coat. More varnish on, the deeper the shine.
The extra shows the application process. Applying then wiping off the excess.

     I have also had to make a new lid for the box as the original one kept warping. It was nice wood, but being thin became unstable. So I have now used a piece of 12mm thick coloured plywood to overcome the warping. This is far more stable and it will not detract the appearance of the box.

Still lots more to do on it yet but can now see the end in sight. 
More blips to come on it.

Hope you are all well and do have a great weekend.
Take care.

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