Focus Stack Head

It has been a strange day.
After a lovely morning of coffee and chat, I headed for home leaving J in the 'North' for a weekend Morris meet. My journey back was uneventful. Meanwhile my mother had been taken in to hospital again and it really did seem as if it was going to be the end. We've been at this point many times and, as it has turned out, yet again she has bounced back; it really is very draining emotionally with this roller coaster stress for both me and my brother. We have to carry on with our lives and activities but, at the same time, we wonder quite what we should do for the best.

I had booked for an open air performance of Richard III to meet up with another friend. The production was somewhat unusual as it was a very happy and funny tragedy! I have mixed feelings about it as, in many ways it was brilliant, but a bit of me wonders whether it was not maintaining the spirit of the original and had, perhaps, gone a step too far in its interpretation. By the end, when every character was pretty much dead we, the audience, were all very cold and keen to get away to some warmer surroundings.

The blip is a plant taken earlier in the day as a focus stack. I do not know the name of the flower but it was interesting and beautiful.

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