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I have found a loud record shop near Boy's nursery that helps him sleep. After spending a minute in there he was zonked so we then headed out and about. I even managed to start my Christmas shopping while he slept.

We then headed through some lovely streets towards the seafront where I took some pictures till the Boy woke up moaning. I think he has not really recovered from his earlier in the week illness as much as he has actually let on.

His moaning continued all the way to collecting Girl from school. Even popping home on the way to swap the buggy for the scooter didn't stop his noise. It just meant I had something else to carry for the rest of the afternoon as well as him.

We hit the park for a little while (on Boy's insistance, after I decided he may not be up to it) with friends where all the little ones seemed to go wild from finishing the school day, before Boy decided it was time to go home and nap in front of the telly box. Obviousley they didn't nap, that was me.

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