Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A Gap in the Trees

A really cold morning - enough to put on a down jacket as I headed out just after sunrise.  Low mist hung across the local fields (see extra).  A buzzard could be heard calling in the distance and when I finally spotted the bird it was on the ground hopping around.  A bit too cold to get the necessary lift to take off and maintain height. I spotted a red deer and fox sharing the same area of a field some distance away, but by the time I'd changed lenses to capture an image the fox had disappeared.

In the end I liked this scene, looking through a small band of trees onto another field.  

In other news my drone has acquired a fault, a gimbal overload.  It causes the camera to tilt at about 30 degrees.  Thankfully it is still within warranty so after a couple of calls it is back to DJI on Monday.

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