Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Somewhere Out There

We drove to Dalston in heavy rain. by the time we got to the show field it was fair.  The Mate arrived and we started to put up the marquee. We had just got to putting the poles under the roof when the rain started. Saved! We could work under cover putting in the side walls.

In the evening The Man and I went out for a walk to get a blip. I chose to go to the high ground to get an overview of the stands set up so far. Others will arrive in the morning. Ours is in the centre of the site.

The Man and I were moving along the bank, seeing if the next view was better than the last when I fell. Straight down. No chance to put arms out to save me. Straight down on my nose.

The Man produced tissues (he's done so many First Aid courses, he knew what to do). I made my way back to the marquee with my face buried in tissues.

What about the camera, you ask! What camera? I'm thinking.

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