Desperately seeking

By clickychick

End Of An Era

I woke up this morning in the trailer with a numb feeling in my face, then I remembered what happened last night. I wondered what I would see in the mirror. Would I have 2 black eyes? Would my nose be out of line? I got up and looked. No, everything was ok. No claiming a new nose job on the NHS! So lucky I was on grass. So, on with work!

A surprisingly dry day for the show! The Man had gone off to clean the lodge and came back at 2.30pm with a package. It was some 8" x 6" canvasses I had ordered. I put them out on display and within 30 minutes 2 of them had sold! it was the two Herdwicks, just discernible as cards on the rack, I did a set of 3 farm animals and a wild goat.

A lovely show in that people said very nice things and we got a few very interested in booking camera courses. A great day but, the end of an era in that, if we can, we will sell this marquee, along with the second roof which makes it 8m long. With an average age of 70 next year, we are downsizing to a caravan and awning. So much easier for us to manage

We will try out the new layout at Keswick in a couple of weeks.

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