A lovely time with dad...

My mom and sister have figured out that my dad does better late morning to early afternoon so I delayed my time I normally go an see him. Sure enough he was awake and talkative. He has been on a chip kick for the last few weeks so along with the hot dog, I brought salt @ vinegar chips, jalapeno chips and good old Cheetos.. (all small individual size) Well both chips AND half the Cheetos were eaten by him.. 

We watched the local ball team on tv win, tried to solve the worlds problems, and just chatted about life.. As been normal the last few months, at about 90 minutes into a visit, he fell asleep.. 

That green box is the new mp3 player I found and my sister bought for our dad. It is designed for those with all forms of dementia. You set it up via a computer and then all they have to remember (or a caregiver) is to lift the lid to turn it on, close it to turn it off.. Music is a big comfort for our dad. 

Headed to Clackamas tomorrow

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