Glory of the Snow

I was absolutely delighted to find my favourite little bulb flowering safely in a pot. I’ve had it for many years, but it has never multiplied itself. I feared it might be lost after the blackbirds scratched out my entire miniature bulb and anemone collection from the pots and troughs I kept them in.

The bulbs were scattered around under the hedge. I gathered them up, attempted to sort them according to appearance, and replanted them in the pots. Most of them have come up, but many have yet to flower. There are some strange mixtures in a few of the pots. This wee treasure has come up in a pot with snowdrops, which is good because it was with snowdrops before, but in a different pot. There’s a Scilla in another pot with snowdrops, but the rest of the Scilla are together in yet another pot. I do hope I’ll be able to sort them out for next spring.

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