A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

And then there were two ..

Only two on the walk this morning; Saturday there was 4 and two dogs; yesterday three and one dog; today just the two of us though I think there will be at least a couple more tomorrow. Not surprising as people are away.

We did a circuit of Goit Stock and it was lovely. Bright and breezy and the sun quite hot.

This tree caught my eye against the skyline. It's actually more than one but has grown to look like just one tree on what would have been the line of the wall of which, as you can see, there is very little left. It's just on the edge of what we call the 'Chimney Field'.

The wind has blown over the pot with the Gladdies and the sunflower in (blipped last week). It is fine but we'll leave it where it is for now. The good news is that both sunflowers are getting flowers and I've got two lots of washing out and dry.

Spent the afternoon on one of the dresser cupboards. Mainly recipe books but lots of leaflets and recipe cut outs or print outs. Got rid of quite a lot.
It was hot work. Ready for a teatime drink!

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