This morning we set off for the 09:37 to meet one of our oldest and dearest friends in Edinburgh. She is on a lightning visit from Liverpool and heading home at lunchtime today. So disappointing to get to the station and find that the train had been cancelled. Needless to say the station was rammed with people going through for festival events and the next train would have been unbearable and too late anyway. We'd just missed a bus ... I try not to fulminate about the trains, especially as I no longer commute regularly to Edinburgh for work. But honestly it is a dreadful service between Stirling and the capital. The most frustrating thing is that the ScotRail franchisee is the Dutch railway company. Trains in the Netherlands in my experience are terrific whereas some of ours are still two carriage rustbuckets. Anyway, coffee in Edinburgh was off the agenda.

Wandered home via the Engine Shed. I'm glad to have it nearby. This display of dry pigment caught my eye. It used to be added to paint and limewash to give them colour. The jars were behind glass so you'll need to overlook the annoying reflections. The colours were all identified from Burnt Umber to Alizarin Crimson.

I've added an extra of the pontoon construction. I'm glad to say I don't live quite as close as the houses in the photograph.

Out tonight to a friend's house. We're all taking food and have been helpfully coordinated by one of our number so that there aren't 12 puddings. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing. I'm taking rhubarb and ginger crumble which was made yesterday with the help of a three year old.  Got to start them young.

Edit: just had a call from an ever older (longer-serving) friend on her way from Perth to Glasgow. She'll be calling in soon so I'll get to see her

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