Abstract Thursday: Wrong plate (for Fusilli)

It’s felt like the weekend all week, who knows why? But then when you’re retired, that’s not surprising. So it’s only Thursday, not just any Thursday, it’s one of my favourite challenges, thanks to Ingeborg.

There’s a lot of REPETITION on my blip of a ‘buonissimo’ plate of pasta al pomodoro, and also one ‘error’ (nothing to do with the colour of the sauce) anyone spot it....the title is a give away?????

Will eventually catch up (again) with your journals. Been out and about, and busy with helping to draft a document. Several of us have different opinions on the wording, although ultimately we’re after the same conclusions (that’s the main thing).

Mixed weather. Sun just appearing, time to meet him for coffee. Will finish watching the latest news on the bridge in Genova, many still missing. The toll sounds as though it will rise to 60’ish.

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