Happy Madonna's 60th birthday to you all!

We got some rain. 0,9mm of it. That's really nothing, but at least the streets got wet. Tomorrow we have a new try as the forecast predicts thunderstorms all day long. And boy did it thunder today. Even with this little rain we got the sound effects full on. Haven't heard banging like that in a long time.

And speaking of banging. I dropped by at Jennifer's this morning and gave her one aloe vera plant. She told me that they have new rentals next door. It was a hot night so her husband went to sleep outside. But he couldn't sleep at 3 am because these loud noises / screams started to enter his consciousness. Clear sex noises going on and on. So as I was visiting Jennifer (nearly 80 y old), she was looking out of the window all the time, because she wanted to see the noise makers and tell them off. (Everyone having their windows open as it's so hot so everyone can hear everyone and everything.) So as I  was leaving this very happy looking young woman was sitting outside next door. And as we said goodbye she went to talk to her. I was so glad I was leaving, but I would have wanted to be a fly on the wall to listen in on that conversation. I was so mortified just to know about the whole ordeal. And when we walked by that house this evening, the couple did not seem so happy anymore. Related? No idea. Just observation.

On the weather side of things, as the thunderstorm came near the temperatures dropped to cooling 22,9°C (it was already 26 at 7 am) and it stayed at 24°C the rest of the day. (Wonderful!) I was actually freezing in my dress as went to the hospital to see a doctor about a bump in Mr. Husbands neck. And they had the air con blasting fully on. I was so glad to get out of there as the previous days I've really enjoyed any cool area. This picture is the ceiling lamp in the hospital. Very nice lamps they have there.

Meteorologist announced that it hasn't been this cool since 23.6.  Record earthquakes and record coolness this week :-)

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