A Beautiful Lily

A fascinating day in Birmingham on a portrait lighting workshop run through Wex  primarily to use the relatively new Rotalight system of LED lights.  The chap leading it was very informative and interesting showing how he worked with one/two and three light systems.  I was most interested in just one light as, with a reflector it becomes two, and that is what I need for the sort of portrait lighting I do.  The light is round and as LEDs gives a softer effect - we also could try it out on the camera hot shoe as well as on a lightstand - with a continuous light capability as well as a flash option.  So a fun and useful day and I am looking forward to trying out the new light.

The blip today is the beautiful Lily our model for the day.  She was very professional and i would love to work with her again.  A suitable subject for 'Flower Friday.! A contrasting Lily in the extra,

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