Shiny And New

My new 4K LED Smart TV was delivered and installed today.  Ironically, the Geek Squad Agent who did the work, Frank,  has a given name of Francisco, the same name of the DIRECTV guy last week.  I'm getting to like nice guys named Francisco.  Long story, but he's going to save me $250 on parts the store salesman had me buy which I didn't need.

One of the Smart TV features is the ability to use a variety of apps.  I had him hook up my Netflix.  Now I don't have to watch stuff on my laptop.  Mom and I watched a couple of old movies later on: Rumor Has It  and Steel Magnolias.  She commented, which was true, that the picture was so awesome that we may never have to go to the theater again.  Of course we will, but this picture is awesome.  I made the right decision by going with the newest technology.  Why settle for less when you need something new.  Next movie night I'll be making popcorn!

Sorry to have missed people.  The optional theme for next week's 
(20 Aug) mono Monday is COMPACT.  It will be MM239.  More info is on the challenge page.

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