Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

Deep Margins Are Good!

I went to see my doctor/friend a few weeks ago about a growing lump on my neck, behind my left ear. His first words were "It's cancer until proven otherwise". It wasn't proven otherwise, and he removed the offending tissue two days before we left on our Colorado adventure. 

I had to wait until we returned before having the sutures removed, so I looked rather Frankensteinish during the trip -- first extra. Things are looking more normal now -- second extra.

Lessons learned -- use sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat, and see your doctor if you have any skin abnormalities. Don't delay -- my doc said he had to go close to the muscle to obtain a clear margin because I have very little fat.

Other news -- I have recovered the camera battery charger and spare battery I left in one of the hotels midway through our trip. I have some back-blipping to do!

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