More Paul Walsh street art

Tsuken returned to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney today. After I got back from the airport, I read some of the papers I have parked in iBooks (as pdfs). One of the things Tsuken guided me through during his stay was getting all of these (the ones I've already read and the ones waiting to be read) from the old iPad onto the new one. Not sure why they didn't come before. That no longer matters because they're now in the right place. By way of iCloud.

Late this afternoon I remembered that I hadn't taken a photo today. That's when I remembered that on Friday Young L had told me of a new mural. I managed to locate where he was describing. Initially I wondered if the rather strange full wall mural (part of which is seen on the right in my photo) had been painted over. No, said Young L. "Actually he (the artist) has painted what he saw in the globe he looked into ."

And so he has.

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