1986 Toyota MR2

Meetings and stuff all morning, followed by the Grand Round over lunch, after which I was able to sit and work on the projects I am responsible for. A mixture of interest and pleasure with the grind of making what I am planning fit the format the DHB uses. 

After I got back to the apartment, S and I crossed the Bridge during a bit of a lull in the after work traffic. Visited her mother in one of the medical wards at North Shore Hospital. Their understandable and appropriate caution about letting her be as active as she occasionally wants to be is frustrating her, and also knocking her confidence. She is talking of being kept in the hospital. Then she tells us that the physicians want her to return to her own home, which is what she would like also.

When I was parking the car, I saw this old car nearby. They were immensely popular with young blades when I was much younger than I am now; 32 years younger.

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