Things not going smoothly!

I’ve been wanting to use my lens baby composer on my Olympus OM5 Mk2 so that I can use the multi-exposure feature on the camera.  I’ve always used it (well when I’ve used it) on an older Pansaonic micro 4/3rds.  It fits perfectly on that camera but it won’t click into place on my Olympus - no idea why.  So in the end I’ve settled for this single image taken this morning.

I’ve also done my first `print’ on the etching press for well over two years.  I’d forgotten what a `clat’ it is to get everything out and ready.  An hour getting everything out and set up for two prints.  I wanted a  `proof’ of the dry-point etching I did earlier in the week and although most of the lines print OK it does need more work, to etch some lines a little deeper.  In fact it might need starting again as it feels as though it lacks depth and life.

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