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Calne (Sunday 19th August 2018)

This is one from the Blipbank, and my third attempt at photographing it. Many bankside wildflowers grow everywhere you look so it is surprising to discover one that doesn't seem to appear anywhere else nearby. One example was the yellow daisy-like plant I found at Foxhangers the other day, and another is this, growing in profusion in this one spot at The Wharf in the centre of Calne. I think it may be some kind of mint?

In Extras the ducks swim past some greater willowherb in The Wharf.

The blip is my submission for this week's Wild Flower Week Challenge, with many thanks to Miranda1008 for devizing and curating it. Looks much sharper in Full Screen (as usual).

Edit (20.8.18): Have changed image to one that looks slightly sharper online, but not as sharp as it should be given the settings I used, a prime lens and auto-focus set squarely on the foreground. This was taken from leaning over a stone wall next to the pavement and looking down.

Also Blipped today:
Calne (Saturday 18th August 2018)

19.8.2018 (2045 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-5 and Pentax smc P-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM prime lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Burning of the Midnight Lamp (Top Gear Session Version) (recorded 6 October 1967, BBC Playhouse Theatre, London)(Spotify link)
Jimi Hendrix completed writing this song while on tour flying from Los Angeles to New York, on 3 July 1967, having already demoed an instrumental fragment at Olympic Studios using a harpsichord on 9 May - just three days before his debut album Are You Experienced?  was released. The single was recorded at Mayfair Studios, New York NY over thirty takes on 6 July 1967 during sessions for the Axis: Bold As Love album, marking his first use of the wah-wah guitar pedal, and overdubs were added the following day with Cissy Houston and the Sweet Inspirations adding backing vocals.
The mono 7" single was released in the UK on 18 August 1967 as a follow up to The Wind Cries Mary, but sold disappointingly despite being widely promoted on radio and TV, and was relegated to a B-side when released in the US. It didn't appear on the Axis: Bold As Love  album but was held over for Electric Ladyland  double album in October 1968, by which time it had been further remixed and overdubbed. It also appeared on the UK version of Smash Hits in April 1968 (I wonder if this was the single or album mix?).
Tom Robinson played this on Radio 6 Music on this morning pointing out that this session version for John Peel was just the three musician line-up of vocal and guitar, bass and drums, playing live without overdubs, but incredibly recreated the whole sound of the record. It is available on the Hendrix BBC Sessions CD.

One Year Ago:
The Wadworth Shires

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