It's a bug's life

Spent some time today rooting around in a National Trust property, looking for beasties and I wasn’t disappointed. The 100mm macro is an excellent tool, but extremely frustrating as the focus needs to be pin sharp and every twitch of my hand or the wind renders the bug blurred.

I enjoy the hunt and the results are, for me at least, passable.

The main point is the privilege I feel when I get a look into the world of another, one I don’t know. I take a snap in time and record the nano second we interacted.  I take time to ensure the encounter is as good as it can be.

Every day I have numerous opportunities to enter into the world of other people and I feel the same privilege as I did when taking today’s snaps - but rarely take the opportunity to say “thank you” for allowing me that access. I normally learn more by these casual encounters than reading many articles or books. They are offering me the gift of observing and interacting with them.

I need to remember that the gift of thanks costs nothing but its results are disproportionate.

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