Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

A Good Day Out

A good day out, the weather was very topsy turvy though.

I went to a friend's BBQ, when I left the house it was chucking it down, by the time I got to Monmouth it was stunning and boiling hot.

The BBQ was extremely good, sausages, burgers, a spicy Tandoori chicken, salad and new potatoes.  I was stuffed!  Lol

I then headed to Cardiff to watch a Devils pre-season friendly.  We lost, but I'm not worried, it's early days.  Saw a mate down there who was celebrating his birthday, it was his first Devils' experience, I think he enjoyed it.

I usually have a down day after a day like today, so I've already got something arranged for tomorrow to avoid being dragged down.  Hope it works.

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