Ceci n'est pas une ... (This is not a ...)

I understand that Mr Giuliani has said that 'truth isn't truth', it can't get any more absurd than this, now can it? Magritte would have a good time with that ! Anyway, this is not ... a duo of forks and yet it is, they're sporks with even a knife edge on one of the tines.

Laurie54 set today's theme for MonoMonday as COMPACT, I thought a spork would be a good example of something compact. Thank you, Laurie54 for hosting !

For today's first day of the course on smart phone photography we're doing DoF and focusing with the smartphone and the theme was a fork, hence also the spork, as I'm feeling slightly rebellious ;-)

We've got a doggie lodger today, so I've been doing walkies, which does help to get the legs less stiff, even if it is rather tiring still. Now sitting at my desk/dining table with a content doggie under my feet :-) And finally had time to go through all Thursday's AT entries.

Thanks so much for the many entries , another great resulting collection of creative images ! This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'texture' and the tag will be AT165.

The list of last Thursday's 5 specials:
evolybab        for a tartan-like pattern made out of a colourpencil shot
Barking          for the natural repeating pattern of a mushroom
Wildwood      for a dreamy leaves pattern
flossie            for a multi layered spherical repetition
LifesJourney for a staircase repetition composition

Looking forward to the textured abstracts !

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's sea urchin shell Blip

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