Wild Wednesday ....

... and it certainly was!!

As today is another Wild Wednesday I had planned on going to Jacobsburg State Park followed by some shopping. 

But then I decided to fall .... with my left hand/arm taking the brunt of the fall. This changed my whole day's plans!

Thankfully it wasn't a serious fall ..... but I did injure my left hand/wrist. And as many of you know I need both my hands to be in working order!

When I told Richard about it later he suggested that I go to Express Care .... there is one by the Sam's Club that I had originally planned to go to anyway.  

At the Express Care I was seen right away and they took x-rays of my left hand.  Thankfully there are no fractures but the hand has a deep muscle bruise ..... very painful.  The physician's assistant suggested that I ice it and take it easy until it heals. 

After leaving Express Care I did run to Sam's as planned for one of their delicious rotisserie chickens!  Easy supper!

Even with a sore hand we still wanted to get out for a walk after supper so we went to Housenick Estate Park .... Richard pushed me in the wheelchair so that I didn't have to use my crutches and put pressure on my hand/wrist.  The background picture of my collage was taken there.  These two people were there filming some sort of movie. I was trying to take their picture on the sly and it came out blurry like this.  And I really liked it!    

I forgot to mention yesterday that we released our first monarch butterfly that emerged on Monday.  We released him in memory of both our late fathers .... ❤❤ H.W. and A.H.  ❤❤

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