Rain is coming...

A few showers in the afternoon and evening, but just a couple of millimetres. They interfered with a little roof job I was doing with my father, but got it done anyway.

The heifers have almost finished the second hay bale and I finished remaking the fence of the other pasture, so I think a mooove is close.

In the evening setting up the 10th anniversary exhibition of our camera club in the town library (in the extra). Photos by 25 members including Leenamaija, Marjukka and Yours Truly. My photos are my blips from last Friday and October 19th, 2016 and this.

Sad news today. Esa Kaartamo, the artist who had a stroke before Friday's gig in the R3 festival, died yesterday. He died too early, but his music will live on.

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