Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Out of the world

Tonight I feel that I’ve stepped out of the world into something timeless, familiar and yet different because of what I’m here to do. I took this photo earlier, returning from a solitary walk to the top of Cumbrae because I like the juxtaposition of cattle and Cathedral, the green and the greys of stone and of sea, the white boat in Millport bay.

The walk may be the only one I have time for, because I’m here to paint an icon. I’ve heard a fascinating talk on the reasons and the traditions for features of icon-painting; I’ve chosen the icon I’m going to attempt to paint. I’m nervous and excited, alone in my bedroom called Charity. I can hear the feet of fellow-retreatantson the floor above me - are there two sharing?

Who knows. I’m off to bed...

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