59 and a bit more

By 59

Crazy day...

...in Australian politics. Here is a blip of the TV when they called a motion of no confidence in our PM. He had a leadership challenge this morning. What next? He is still PM but for how long? He can’t win a trick whether you like him or not. Unfortunately many are there for their own jobs, or am I being a bit cynical?

We are staying in Sydney in a delightful B&B in Homebush. We have been here before and it is highly recommended if anyone needs a place to stay with large comfy suites and plenty of parking. We are here ‘cos I need to go into the hospital in the morning for a minor procedure. It is not safe to get up at 4am and travel in subzero temperatures with wildlife on the roads so we decided to come a day early.

Tomorrow we will go to Cathy’s for dinner and see the Sydney crew two of whom are having birthdays this week. Our sons are also having a birthday today, well Bryan is and James who is in Seattle will have to wait until tomorrow to celebrate. It seems funny having twins with different birthdays.

It was cold coming here today, only 2 degrees at Yetholme in the mountains in the middle of the day. Made Blackheath look warm.....

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