When I arrived at the water-basin in the late afternoon, the juniors of the volunteer fire fighters of Nanzdietschweiler were practising in the meadow below the basin. They used the water from the Glan river to fill their hoses and do their training. It was interesting to watch (despite the noise).

I did my rounds, and when the juniors were finished, they came up to the basin with large cups to get some fresh spring water.
They didn't all have time to fill their cups and drink, when the alarm siren in the nearby village of Nanzweiler went off.
You should have seen how they were running for their vehicle and how quick they took off to get back in town to see what was going on (leaving with siren!). I assume the village has only this one fire truck.

When I drove home I passed by the fire department with the parked fire truck in front and old and young standing around it. It looked like nothing serious had happened.

20:15; 28°C

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