By AMK81

Crocodile clips

Ok, so I was feeling really low earlier in the day. Wasn't even sure whether I wanted to go to the book club that was scheduled this evening. Just felt really down on myself and lacking in confidence. Also wondered if I'd be able to contribute, if it would make me too tired...

Anyway I did a little self-talk, got myself ready and was feeling much better about things. By the time I got to Manchester I was actually feeling great! So glad I made the effort, I was walking to book club and listening to some music (Myles Kennedy for those that are interested) and I spotted this street art across the street. It made me giggle - so I had to blip it! It just seemed to capture the silly, care free mood I was suddenly in :)

And then of course I went to book club with all the lovely ladies - including some good friends - and had an amazing time! Everyone is so lovely, it's a great atmosphere - if a little deafeningly loud at times! So many women in one room make a blooming racket! Lol. But there's lots of laughter and it's good for the soul :)

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