Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

the photographer

 think it was a little bit brighter today.    We decided to go for a row and I can honestly say I don’t notice any effects of all this wildfire smoke, all the while I’m convinced it’s not healthy. and I want it to be gone..  extras of our island, and looking NW
Earlier I saw friend M in her rowboat taking pictures…she loves rocks and goes crazy around here…and then there are birds to entertain.    Put a different version in my other journal.
The friends left around midday and we had the afternoon…frustrating as there are photo videos I really want to see but the internet is so bad it won’t let me.  Maybe it’s the smoke?     Also not uploading blips well... couldn't do it at all last night....

We’ll see this boat again tomorrow when they come back, with daughter and family on THEIR boat.

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