By dreaming

A day at home

The air quality here today was deemed seriously unhealthy and we were all advised not to go out or open our windows.  So I spent the day in my very warm and increasingly airless apartment, cleaning out the refrigerator.  I'm not sure why I chose today for that, but it certainly needed doing and it took up a lot of time.  I saw these pretty shadows when I went out into the hallway to throw out the trash - of course, I was coughing the whole time I was out there.

I've been thinking about my fellow Blippers who live up in Bellingham, very close to British Columbia and the wildfires - Connections, Tookie, Legacy and MaryJo - and hoping they are faring well. The forecast is for there to be a shift in wind direction tomorrow, blowing in smoke from wildfires on the Eastern side of the Cascades.  So there will be even higher temps tomorrow, and another day indoors.  I hope we can survive till Thursday, when we are anticipating marine air blowing in from the West, cooling us down and blowing out the smoke.

The Extra shows the weather picture for today.  Note the smoke in the towercam photos.

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