By dreaming

Filling time

Today they were testing the fire alarms in my building from 9 AM until 1 PM, and that meant I had to get out of the house before then, as our fire alarms are absolutely deafening, not to mention sounding horrible.  So I had four hours to fill.

It was rainy and cool today, but fortunately not so heavily that I needed an umbrella, as it is difficult for me to manage both my walker and an umbrella.  First I took myself out for breakfast.  Then I headed for Sky Nursery, where I took about 200 photos and replenished my stock of flower photos.  There I saw this wonderful plaque made of wooden leaves - I love the color and the detail.

Next I went to the Shoreline Library to return a book and find some good new ones.  Then it was time to go to Trader Joe's, where I bought two packages of their spinach and chive fettuccine that'd I'd found the week before and really enjoyed.

Last trip was to the pharmacy, where I picked up prescriptions and got my annual flu shot.  They were recommending a course of three hepatitis shots, but I want to look into that some more.  Apparently it's strongly recommended for seniors.

So a lot accomplished, but I was glad to get home and Minkelina was glad to have me here.  And I have no commitments until tutoring on Saturday, so some relaxation time is on the way.

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