By dreaming

At Carkeek

This being Tiny Tuesday, I headed down to Carkeek Park to see what I could find.  The sun was so hot it was really painful on my skin and it's a good thing I didn't stay there very long.  There I found these pretty berries on deep green leaves, and I like the way the depth of field worked out.  If there is an Extra today, it's the color photo of the mono blip I did yesterday, when the Extra wouldn't upload.

Otherwise, grocery shopping and doing dishes and working in the kitchen.  I called the nurse and she didn't know where things stood, although she'd gotten approval for the new prescription, but she will check with the staff at May's home to see what they know.  

Then I sent my daily email and flower to Sharon - her Emails to me have started getting longer, and I think that is a good sign.  Rob's been gone for nine months now.

We're expecting a serious cool-down starting tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'd like summer a lot more if it didn't get so hot!

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