By dreaming

No middle

I headed up to visit May today and learned that the angry voices had awakened her at 3AM, after which she couldn't sleep.  She's not had the medication change I talked with the nurse about a week ago, so I will have to call again and nudge her along.  I will also need to find out who is keeping track of May's pulmonary issues (she has asthma and mild emphysema), as she had a truly awful cough today.  And her feet, always a problem, are dreadfully swollen again.

I was there longer than planned because a physical therapist arrived unexpectedly to do the paperwork for a new course of PT.  As May hears poorly and seemed pretty dopey, and the PT has a strong Indian accent, I was needed to fill in a lot of blanks and rephrase questions so that May might be able to answer them.  It's amazing how much patience these visiting health professionals have with her.

I could not think of a blip for the Mono Monday theme: Middle, so I offer instead this flower, which I believe is some kid of mum?  It's stunning in color, as you would see in the Extra if it had actually uploaded after four tries.

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