Hole in one!

Our staff away day in Cambridge today.  We hired punts (and 'chauffeurs') and they took us all the way along the Cam to Grantchester, where we stopped off at the Red Lion for a lovely lunch.  On the way back, a few of us had a go at punting.  I went first and took us pretty much straight into the bank, my colleague Joanna did similar, Maw did the same but then got us going the right way again through sheer determination, and Stuart managed to get the pole stuck in the mud (and we all had to use our hands to paddle back to retrieve it)!  Such fun!

Our chauffeur Andy (who was thankfully very patient) took over again to get us back into Cambridge - and managed to perfectly spear the centre of this traffic cone with his punting pole - without knowing it was there.  Hole in one!

Went for another quick drink at a pub in Cambridge with about half my colleagues, to say goodbye to Kerry whose last day was today.  Five of us then crammed into an Uber, slightly illegally, and went back to the station to catch the train back to London.  Got home about 7:30pm and tried - and failed - to get through all the photos I'd taken today (about 160, oops).

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