Wrong side o' the Beck?

To, possibly, steal Wallace's (of Gromit fame) statement:-
"A GRAND day out."
Not only "Another day older and deeper in debt."
But - Another year older to boot.
I was snatched up about 10:00 by Jerra & Clicky and whisked off to Beetham; where things get jumbled. I remember, but can't guarantee the recounting in true chronological order.
At Beetham there is both a goodly garden centre and a working Corn Mill. First stop the garden centre where we dodged out between showers for a look around, and in during the wet to see the new, indoor parts completed since Alice & I were last there and still being worked on at "us three's" last visit
We had 5-10 mins to spare before the Lunchtime Curfew would have forced us away from the intended "Full English" to a more Lunchy fare.
Thence over to Heron Corn Mill for another look about and shoot and chat up staff ref:- pending bread making courses.
The Blip I/we suspect may have come over from the other side. I can't see a deal of point a Corn Mill needing a LOT of ink mixed, whereas the Paper- Mill on the other bank might.
You have to admit it's a pleasant change from the frequent Wednesday flower macros.
Thence down to Blackpool.
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Side story.
Many years ago, more than I have digits to count, Alice quoth thusly:-
"Drive and do as I say, no questions, and I'll take you out for Fish and chips."
I can't now remember if I fulfilled my half of the bargain but, be that as it may, we ended up at a rather posh Fish restaurant in Blackpool. 
The walls were festooned with photos, many signed, of past customers.
e.g. Joe longthorne, Ruth Madoc, "Parky", John Major, Old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.
Token to the degree of Posh - how many fish shops have you sat down to a choice of Cod, Haddock, Hake, Halibut & Plaice (When in season) all in 2-3 different sized portions and with the place setting C/W "Fish knives".
Or for that matter offer a choice of wines?
A goodly nosh. 
This a.m. I was 2lb heavier than yesterday a.m. after losing slowly most of the week.
And home for about 20:00(ish) "Full as a Gull's egg." as a deceased mate of mine was wont to say. 
He never explained:-
1. Why, so far from the Sea, he selected a Gull's egg for his comparison.
2. Why its egg should be any more full than anybody else's?

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