Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

I made an exception.

It's another of my INfamous "for my record" shots.
The exception is thus:-
It is my proud boast that, if I visit a garden (centre or otherwise) I will NOT vandalise a plant to "steal" a bit. If there are seeds lying, or a leaf, e.g. Schlumbergera, I may leave with it.
In this case it was a plant, whose name I'm not sure I ever knew; but it's one of two I know with plantlets rimming each leaf. From time to time they drop off & form plantlets. The exception was in that I assisted the falling off of a couple, last garden centre visit. Which is guesstimated as between a fortnight (NOT the game) and a month.
What I have here is another of my "Twofors" - two records from one "click".
Way back in the "hists of Mistory" I started, and neglected, a Ginger root. First move was one sprout. Slowly, the root dehydrated, while still being vaguely neglected. MUST start to "un-neglect" them?
NOW I have two shoots and the two wee plantlets, which have about doubled/tripled their height since I laid them there.

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