By CoffeePotter

The long and winding road.

I'm now back home after an 8 hour return trip to Heathrow from Devon.  7 1/2 hours in total driving and half an hour at Heathrow for a coffee. The return trip was a bit shorter than the drive there, but seemed to go on forever as I had such a weary heart after saying farewell to our family. I had to see them off alone as we can't get 6 in the car. 
We've had such a wonderful summer and will never forget it.
This is Stonehenge taken from the car on our way to the airport. The traffic was just crawling along this section of road whilst all the cars slowed down for a better look. I have to admit that it was our daughter-in-law who took it, as I was driving. The view of Stonehenge was even better on my return trip, as the sun was going down behind it. 

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