Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Up at 2.15am after the shortest night’s sleep of my life. Managed to keep Annabel awake long enough for her to get dressed and into the car (where she fell asleep again and only woke up when we’d parked at the airport).

Got to Barcelona at about 10am, went and dropped our bags at the hotel and then had a wander round. We went to the top of the Arena shopping centre (it used to be a bullring and has a fancy observation deck on the roof) and then found some lunch.

When we checked in Annie had another nap (she’s been ill this week so can’t really hold it against her) while me and Charlotte sat on the roof terrace (in the shade because the suncream was in Annabel’s suitcase and we didn’t know the code).

Walked into the centre in the evening and had some dinner and cocktails at the Hard Rock Cafe, then wandered back to the hotel for the best early night ever.

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