Harris on Patrol

I have seen Harris at Kings Cross station on a previous occasion, but I was less prepared. This time I had more time to admire Harris while he patrols the station keeping away the pigeons. He (he is a he) is doing a pretty good job as there are no pigeons to be seen anywhere. It's lucky his handler has a pocket full of treats otherwise he would be going hungry.

Harris is a Harris Hawk and a little over two years old. Consulting Wikipedia I see they originate in America. Apparently they have been used in Trafalgar Square to scare off the pigeons. This one is doing a good job at Kings Cross, as well as attracting lots of interest from travellers. He even agreed to pose with some children for photographs.

As well as looking out for pigeons I noticed that Harris keeps a close eye on his handler. When the falconer walked to a different part of the station Harris followed, albeit it at near roof level. He obviously knows who pays his upkeep!

The train for Aberdeen was full to overflowing as far as Edinburgh, more passengers than there were seats. A long way to sit on the floor. Before we left there was an announcement to say there was a less busy train in 30 minutes, I didn't see anybody get off. Heading for the festival no doubt as I have never seen the train quite so full. When we arrived in Aberdeen an announcement attributed the slight delay to the number of passengers on the train!

After leaves on the line, wrong kind of snow now we have too many passengers. However had they not made the announcement I would not have noticed the train was late.

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