Grange Fair: Taco Stand in the Night

On Wednesday, I met a dear girlfriend and her mom and daughters for our annual visit to the Grange Fair. We walked all around the fair grounds, visited the animals, ate some tasty things, strolled through the encampment, and looked at all of the exhibits and commercial displays. We even bought a few things, like bamboo sheets and trellises and tools. (Yes, the shopping is very eclectic there!)

I took so many pictures and I have barely had time to look at them yet, so here are just a few of my favorites. Above is the taco stand that I saw shining out of the darkness like some sort of Hopper-esque vision at the edge of the fair grounds, just as dusk fell. I didn't have a taco but it sure looked amazing!

In the extras are two more: one is a shot of the fried veggies we ate, courtesy of my friend. Included were onion rings, plus fried zucchini, mushrooms, and cauliflower. The onion rings were a crowd favorite and I wish I had more of them now, soggy with ranch dip.

The final photo is a strange one, but somehow I love it. My girlfriend's older daughter is more than 6 feet tall now, and we were all playing with some steampunk type masks that we found in one of the tents, for sale. When Audra put the mask on, I snapped a photo. You may see a reflection of me in her eye. :-)

I am sorry I can't share all of the photos, which were lots of fun, but here's a link to last year's posting about the Grange Fair, which includes links to all of the prior years' blip-postings. There you can read more about the amusements, foods, entertainments, and delights available at the fair.  :-) Here is the thing: if you have a local fair available to you, GO! GO AND TAKE THE CAMERA, for there is lots to see at the fair!

The song for the shot above is a Fleetwood Mac classic, to go with the photo above. Here they are with Tango in the Night.

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