Already taking care 6 years for this male swan and 5 years for the female swan. They have been through a lot here and me too, taking care of them. They now are sitting in ponds with Botulism, did not get cygnets this year because some girls about age 10 needed to desturb the nest with sticks, so the female did go away for 6 hours, she was affraid.
In all these years there has happened a lot horrible things, but also wunderul things. Two nests with cygnets. And these are such lovely parents.
We have a bond like enyone else have with their pets, well I cannot touch them, they will not like it, but they understand me, especially this male swan, as you can see on this photo, he is listening to me. He talks back and for a year now also the female swan talks to me. She greats me when she sees me. They both know I will never harm them. And I know they will never harm me too, when it is not needed. I love my swans, they are so special to me and I am doing everything to get them through this time of Botulism. They need to survive. Already ducks died, and sick ducks went with the animal ambulance. Fish has died.
I will be very glad when they survive, but people here are stubern, still trowing everything into the ponds. We need to take better care of nature and Earth, not only for us but also for the next generations

I hope you don't mind they have two legs. ;-))

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