On Monday I visited the Water Board and she told me that they found two paralyzed ducks here. These have been sent to the laboratory for further investigation and this gap lasts seven days. So we have to wait for the result. In the meantime, my swans live in these waters, eat, drink and wash themselves. This is a picture of yesterday and the male even started to make me almost wet. I hope he does not want to say anything wrong. But you do not see, that's the point with Botulism. I hope that nothing is wrong. My swans are my animals. Love them.
Furthermore, you can warn people and tell them what I am told, but apparently stubborn. Like a fisherman who has to fish, after I have warned him twice. This man had skin cancer last year and the word you can not even take in your mouth, but fish now.
Also heard that there are still people who let their dog swim in the water.
Several times a day I watch how the water birds go, especially the swans of course and whether I see strange things. I am very busy with this and hope that you understand that I can not place a blip every day, because I am very tired of this and the care for my swans.
We have to have rain, a lot of cold rain, that will help, but yesterday we would get rain, but not again.
I would be very grateful for your prayers, positive energy and sending rain.

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