Burning hot

This is how my garden looks like now. All burned. Only Buddha keeps smiling. It was 38 degrees today.
I was out every hour to see how the swans were doing and the other waterbirds. Until 9 this evening they were fine. And there is Botulism here so I have to watch them.
I saw nobody outside today I was the only one until 9 this evening and I wished I was home. A man I never talked to and is living on the other side of the street was very aggresive to me. And why he asked me why the swans had no cygnets, so I told him. He told me he knew better and started to tell me what I needed and not needed to do also about my personal life. I know I live between crazy people. I already told him twice I did not want a conversation when he was yelling at me, but he went on. He once even wanted to get fysical. Yes it is hot, we all have it hot, no reason to go yelling at other people, they cannot help it. He did at me. I have been out today for over 10 times I don't take it to other people. My biggest worry now are the swans and how they survive this, but please treat me right, I try to do something possitive.

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