The apple tree hasn't performed as well this year as it did last but there is still a respectable crop. There will be crumble.

Up with the lark this morning, or at least as early as it gets when you're not rushing out for work, and off for an additional couple of hours childminding. I'd been wondering why the three year old has started prefacing every other sentence with, "Actually ..." Till I caught myself - actually she might have got it from me. The sponge that is the developing mind. Coffee then lunch with the three year old and her mum & dad then home. After yesterday's huge lunch followed by yoga I'll be doing the sensible thing and putting my feet up tonight. None of this stretching on a full stomach malarky.

It's turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon but it's windy. There are many signs of autumn in the garden, including the apples. But it's only August and I'd like a wee bit more summer if possible.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

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