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By shotlandka

Very good news

I am delighted to be able to tell the children of Glasgow that Santa's reindeer appear to have sorted out whatever issue led to the particularly ugly altercation witnessed on George Square back in January. They look like they are now friends again, and able to work together.

I am hoping, however, that the extra layer of fence around them at present is due to health and safety relating to the staging and other items from yesterday's event being dismantled/rearranged for the next stage, rather than from a concern for the safety of kids going too close to the reindeer, but that will soon become clear. I do hope that I won't have to take all my nice (she said hopefully) George Square blips through a reindeer protection fence, which I suspect might also inconvenience those running the 'Glasgow Loves Christmas' programme, and there might be economic consequences there too, which we really don't need. Basically, I very much hope that a good talking to from Santa or a course in anger management or group counselling sessions or whatever it was, has got the reindeer sorted out. The fact that Santa left them alone with the sleigh bodes well.

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