By suehutton

Late Foxglove

I think of foxgloves as a Spring flower, but here are these blooming away by the pond in late August, captured with the lens baby.

While sitting there, a squirrel paused on the fence just eight metres away to watch me, then scarpered along the run of the fence before jumping off on to a tree. Basil, sitting behind me never budged. What a dog. Other times, he can't wait to be released from the house to chase squirrels and pigeons.

Into Loughborough with Len to shop sit at The Berber Shop. Othman had come over from Spain to mind it while Aziz was away on holiday. He will be flying back to Spain at the beginning of next week.

A quick call in at Cumberland Auto to enquire about a new tyre for the car where we saw an amazing left hand drive Jaguar that had been brought over from the States. It awaits a new part to be imported. Its owner must be wealthy. Cumberland Auto specialises in classic car repair.

We avoided the heavy rain shower and enjoyed a latte each at Oakley Grange Farm cafe. I even had a brownie. Normally I reject brownies, but I felt like a chocolate fix today.

Called in to see Joy on the way home to give her a small present that I had forgotten to hand over  yesterday. Stayed an hour for tea and chat.

This morning I thought I wasn't inspired for photography today but eventually took several, including some multi exposures.

Arriving home, we saw that the water lily had produced another gorgeous pink flower.

Len is cooking the spag bol for dinner.

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