Please take notice! No molesting of females, and certainly no playing of marbles, or you'll be punished with the utmost severity of the law!

(Look at the extra if you want to see what the punishment might be...I think I must have transgressed!!)*

We saw this fun notice in the recreated Victorian street at Preston Park Museum, Stockton. We took my Dad there today as a further episode of his 95th birthday celebrations. His birthday was in May, but his party was 2 weeks ago and today was our present to him - a day out and then an evening meal at a local restaurant. Tomorrow my elder brother will be taking him out again - and then I think that's finally the end of his birthday celebrations!

(The museum is worth a visit if you're ever in the area and you've not been. There's also a butterfly house in the grounds but we didn't have time to visit that we'll have to go again on another occasion.)

(* Extra photo courtesy of my Editor)

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