By AMK81

To be unafraid of being afraid

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all "be our own brilliant, true, beautiful, fragile, flawed, imperfect, animal, ageing, wonderful selves, trapped in time and space, made free by our ability to stop, at any moment, and find something - a song, a sunbeam, a conversation, a piece of pretty graffiti - and feel the sheer improbable wonder of being alive."

I am rediscovering the wonder of being alive via my mindfulness practice - and aided by blipping! The part of mindfulness which asks us to focus on the present moment and take joy from the simple things in life is so inherent in making blips. If we focus on positive moments then it is supposed to help to balance our 'negativity bias' which is inbuilt for our survival (our brains haven't caught up to modern society yet!). Today my 'moment' was a conversation with a good friend over lunch. Much more than a moment, we spent a lovely couple of hours chatting and catching up. The joy of friendship helped me to forget my worries and just be in the moment.

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