24hrLDN (so tyred)

Had a terrible sleep last night!  I got off OK, but woke up a couple of hours later and could not get back to sleep.  Eventually dropped off about 3:30am, but only for another hour and a half before the alarm went off.

Got up and set off at just gone 6am, with one camera around my neck and another in my backpack.  I started in Blackheath, then worked my way through Greenwich Park and down into Greenwich.  About 7:30 I hung around where I knew Tim would be cycling through, and he turned up about three minutes later.  Nice to see him briefly and steal a quick kiss before he carried on to work :)

I spent a fair while in Greenwich, having the odd sit-down too, due to being completely knacked!  Got photos in and around the foot tunnel, in the market as the traders were setting up (I even asked one if I could take her photo - so proud of myself!), and a little way along the river.  

Shortly after 10am, I caught the boat into town, snapping a few shots on the way of course, then walked through the back streets parallel to the river, and then crossed Southwark Bridge -  taking this photo (which I think may be my favourite from the day) first.

Meandered my way towards the Barbican after that, but it was about 11:30 by then and I had completely run out of steam, and was fairly sure I'd got some decent enough shots already, that I didn't really take many photos there - for a change.  Had a sit down in the sculpture court until Tim phoned for our usual lunchtime chat - and then eventually dragged myself to work.  So, so tired!

Had a decent afternoon though, and in fact I was actually pretty productive.  Had a meeting with my boss too, which was useful.  I did leave a little early this afternoon - so happy to get home and stop!  Tim and I ordered a takeaway for dinner and had a reasonably early night for a Friday.  Such bliss to finally crawl back into bed!

Just realised I haven't actually said what all this was in aid of!  It's for a photo project called 24hrLDN - 24 photographers are recording a whole 24 hours in and around London; later in the year there'll be an exhibition of the final 24 photos - one from each hour and each photographer, at the London Photo Show.

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