By spannarama

Down the well

Got up early and Tim drove us to Shropshire, to visit his Mum and brother (and nephews).  Dan had made us a  delicious tomato soup for lunch, then also did us a barbecue this afternoon.

Tim and Dan had discovered this well in their garden years ago, hidden under a big concrete slab, and filled with old bottles, ink wells and pots - things I'd kill to find on the foreshore!  Dan and his boys have been digging down further, and are planning on building a little wall around it too, like a proper well.  Just as we were about to leave, Alfie spotted a frog at the bottom, so down the ladder he went, and out he came with four big fat frogs!  Most of which promptly jumped back in so that he had to make several trips back to the surface with them!

We set off for home just before 6 and got back just after 9pm - not a bad drive, and a beautiful evening, too.

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